helping small business owners grow

We are a media services company that helps Main Street business owners get more customers through many different ways using digital marketing tools. Our services include developing banners, mobile marketing, a variety of online ad services, video marketing, pay per click, social media marketing, mobile app building using several types of platforms, classified ad placement, press releases and many other forms to bring leads in for our entrepreneur clients or send them direct to our small business owner’s online assets.

As a small company we can choose to be finicky with the small business clients we work with. It is not our goal to get rich quick on internet marketing. Our goal is to succeed making our clients receive significantly improved business income.

working for our clientsWe provide such high quality service to our entrepreneurial clients that we find it very necessary to carefully choose our clientele since each one gets tremendous value from our services. We put a lot of “US” into our work for each client.

Types of services we provide depends on the clients needs. We do not oversell since that would be futile to our goals. We have made websites and blogs for our clients. We enjoy putting business pages on Facebook for our clients. We really enjoy making mobile websites and mobile apps for local brick and mortar businesses. We help with reputation management if one of our clients has been harassed by a nasty person online. We make videos that are funny, serious, and informative.  We setup Pinterest accounts and show our clients how to best use them to drive traffic to their stores. We have Amazon stores that sell different products. We have many affiliate blogs in a wide variety of topics.

Most of all we practice highly ethical traffic generation and go after spammers who try to impair our business methods. We so hate spam and sinister online tactics that we will go after anyone who uses these methods with us or our clients. It’s just not cool and is so very unnecessary in our economy.

Call us today at our google number that will ask for your name prior to forwarding to us, 925-257-4320 and let us know what you need. We may or may not be able to help you, but you will get lots of free information from us if you are a Main Street business.

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